Roadside Puts the Fight in Your Hands

Roadside Inc. strives to provide its customers with not only exceptional service and quality performance, but also the means to drive back vegetation on your own terms. With state-of-the-art technology and top-of-the-line vehicles, Roadside is well equipped to fight back vegetation or rent you the equipment you need to do the same.

On or off the road. Putting our people on your job or putting our trucks there instead. Quality service combined with premiere performance. Roadside works for you.

Why Roadside?

  • Custom built trucks
  • Service with integrity
  • Easy-to-use equipment
  • Let us spray or spray yourself
  • Efficient programs to move your job faster
  • Cost effective
  • Reliable equipment

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Precision Accuracy

Roadside makes it easy and safe for drivers to maneuver public right-of-ways. With automatic spray controls that maintain output regardless of road speed or spray width, our trucks make it easy to keep your mind off the job and your eyes on the road. Applied in one pass, the chemicals are sprayed from solid stream nozzles with multiple section spray heads. In addition, the operator can change the spray area while on the fly, reducing waste and protecting areas that don’t need to be sprayed.

Computerized Injection Controls

Large, illuminated, eye-level displays make it easy for drivers to view road conditions and active functions. Actively scanning all functions, the panel makes it easy for drivers to check up on spray operations with just a glance. The continuous digital readout displays chemical application rates, chemical applied, acres sprayed, carrier flow rate, carrier applied, and road speed.

Control Features:

  • Microprocessor based injection controls
  • Monitor up to 9 boom sections
  • Monitors 3 (or 6) injection pumps
  • Primary and secondary application rates
  • Monitor carrier flow rate and carrier applied
  • Road speed sensing with radar or GPS
  • Ground speed override
  • Non-volatile memory requiring no battery backup
  • Quick response to road speed or spray width changes
  • In-cab cable connections


When a chassis isn’t available for a sprayer, we’ve got you covered. Roadside offers slip-in skids allowing easy mounting to a chassis and even easier removal when it is no longer needed. We want to make vegetation spraying as convenient and easy as possible.