Department of Transportation

Serving Departments of Transportation

Roadside Inc provides vegetation management to Departments of Transportation throughout the South. Using our fully-equipped, interstate accessible fleet of trucks, Roadside Inc is able to not only utilize its spray equipment on the creeping vegetation on the roadside, but are also able to safely maintain working conditions with light up signage, warning indicators, and drivers and operators with years of road spraying experience. Roadside not only has the experience and equipment to carry out such large jobs, but is also able to perform thoroughly everything required for such an undertaking at the most cost effective price possible. Every plan is tailor made for the clientele and leaves the job done efficiently and economically.

Safe Spraying

Keeping drivers off the road spraying instead of cutting reduces the risk of roadside accidents. Not only are our drivers completely safety minded, removing the risk of roadside hazards, but the chemicals we use are also eco-friendly. The goal of the spray is to remove harmful, encroaching vegetation while still maintaining a healthy active ecosystem past the point of spray.

Cost Effective Results

Roadside Inc utilizes the latest and greatest in its spray technologies covering up to 25 times the amount of road it would take a traditional (not to mention, potentially endangering) tree trimmer could cover in just one day. Less time working means a faster, more efficient, and more cost effective job. Removing tree trimmers from the road and opting instead for a roadside spray reduces the risk of costly accidents and prevents injuries on the road.

For your quote, contact us today and we’ll start on a custom program that works right for you.