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Roadside Inc is the South’s largest provider of integrated vegetation management services for county and municipal agencies.

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Our diverse range of equipment technicians insure that we can service any need with professionalism and maximize efficiency. RSI offers a variety of brush programs designed to meet each customer’s individual needs. We can target entire roadside right of ways where line of sight is a major concern for the traveling public, or areas such as bridges, fences, or just hot spotting trouble areas. Our programs are designed to reduce or eliminated the need for mechanical control.
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No one can dispute the fact that sidearm mowers and chains saws can be unsafe even when used with the best safety practices. Add distracted drivers to that equation and you have a recipe for disaster. Today it seems that drivers have more and more distractions while driving and the picture on this page shows another example of why it’s much safer to get those workers off of those tractors and off the side of the roads.


A sidearm mower with a veteran operator can only cover up to 2 to 3 miles per day. An experienced applicator with one roadside truck can cover up to 50 miles per day. Meaning, in one day, we could spray the same amount to of roads that your sidearm could trim in 20 to 25 days. Working a 4 day week that takes a month to cover the same area and that’s if the tractor doesn’t break down! Texas department of transportation in cooperation with Texas A&M completed a study in 2012 comparing and assessing mechanical side trimming verses chemical side trimming.
They found that mechanical side trimming is nearly 11 times, or over 1071% more expensive than chemical side trimming on the same 1 mile stretch of road. You could argue that a county doesn’t have the same expenses as a DOT, so let’s say you can mechanically side trim at a quarter of the cost as a DOT, that means mechanical side trimming is still 250% more expensive. It’s worth consideration.



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Once again this is why hiring RSI is so beneficial to you. We have learned, after spraying thousands of miles of brush, how to keep this from becoming a problem. Let us show you how.