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Roadside Inc is the South’s largest provider of integrated vegetation management services for county and municipal agencies.

About Roadside Turf Services

Our diverse range of equipment technicians insure that we can service any need with professionalism and maximize efficiency.
Roadside Inc offers a variety of turf programs tailored to each individual customer’s needs. We can spray entire right of ways to eliminate the need for mowing, spot treat invasive species like Johnson grass, non-selective control on gravel roads or under guardrail, and so much more.
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Timing is the most crucial step often over looked or not understood by most application companies. Proper application timing during the correct stage of growth in the weeds life cycle is the only way to ensure desired affects are achieved. RSI does year round research test plots in every region we service. We are constantly testing new and old chemistries, on a variety of terrain and vegetation to ensure that when we arrive to apply herbicides to your area we are going achieve desired results every time.


The more time road department crews spend mowing, the less time they have to complete other important road maintenance tasks. By controlling weeds with selective herbicide treatments, we can take workers off of the tractors so they can complete other vital roadway maintenance tasks. With an herbicide program, we can cover a 400 mile county in about a weeks’ time using just one spray truck. You would need 10+ tractors and mowers, plus trucks with flagmen, to cover a similar are in that time frame.
Mowers travel at 3 to 5 miles per hour and are constantly moving around signs, culverts, bridges and other obstacles that puts them right in line with traveling motorist. Roadside spray trucks travel between 10 and 15mph in the same direction as traffic making encounters with motorist much less dangerous.
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Public Opinion



Understanding that our customers work for the public is something that we strive to teach to every member of our team. This allows us to quickly be able to personally address any complaints or concerns from the public before it becomes an issue. We have found that once the public understands that we are working to create a safer road for them and their families to travel, we get ask the question “why hasn’t the county been doing this before?”


Whether you want 1 reference or a list of 50 references just give us a call, odds are we are already working for someone you know. Yes, if you have weeds or green grass growing in your area we have a program that can help you